Do you Play Jamaican Ludy or Ludo?

Jamaican Ludy Board Game

Jamaican Ludy Board

Jamaican ludy or ludo is one of those fun and memorable aspects of Jamaican culture that is slowly slipping away, but can be easily revied.This Jamaican board game is said to have originated in India before becoming popular in Jamaican and undergo a few exciting changes.

From this game we get the sayings:

“Bornless, Heavenless, knock off you head, run fi yu life”

Handmade and intricately designed with the vibrant colors and images most associated with Jamaica, this pastime has become one of the most famous home entertainment items to most Jamaicans.

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About Natturly

I am what you call a country girl! I like to get things done! I have an equally balanced background in technology and design. I also have a flair for aromatherapy, herbs, and self-sustainability. I like working with like-minded people and have tons of fun! I create my own reality, one of my best talents yet!

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  1. where can i buy this game

  2. hello Natturaly –
    betta late than news
    I call it Ludi – and am thinking of making one.
    my 80 year old dad lives with us [wife two kids] but his love for dominoes is not going over big with the young and terminal iPad set.
    so I want introduce them to Ludi and bridge the divide.

    I like the design on your blog..


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